Palindrome Day Ride!

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2020

With winter weather rolling in I knew I had to get some miles in today. Exploring Antelope Island State Park seemed like the perfect ride. The park ranger only charged me $3 as a "bike", so I donated some extra cash in return.  I saw more people than I anticipated, but even then it wasn't many. Lots of bison roaming around on the south end. I was hoping to get a glimpse of the recently re-introduced Bighorn Sheep, but no such luck. The weather stayed nice so I took the back roads on the way back to the shop. It felt really good to get almost 100 miles on the bike today!

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New Team Member - Stanley McPartland

stanley mcpartland Jan 31, 2020

Stanley McPartland is a second-generation Nevadan whose passion for adventure and photography began after his grandfather Henry gave him a Brownie Hawkeye and took him exploring when he was seven years old.  They roamed the Sierra Nevada mountains and areas around Pyramid Lake and Honey Lake in Henry's 1960 pickup truck and camper. Stanley spent time in Washington state and California before returning to Nevada in the 1980s.  Stanley was introduced to motorcycles at age ten and rode until his mid-20s. He picked up adventure motorcycling about 4 years ago and is a lifelong bicyclist and hiker. He spent his career in the corporate world of Information Technology while pursuing adventures on weekends. After retirement, he made the transition to full-time adventure and travel.  He lives with Susan, his wife of 43 years, and a rescued Golden Retriever in Minden, Nevada.

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Givi Trekker Outback Installation

preparation Jan 20, 2020

 I'm really excited to use the Givi Trekker Outback panniers for this adventure!  The fit and finish on the racks and boxes is perfect!!

I went with the 37 liter on the right and 48 liter on the left to make everything symmetrical.

Equipped with the new Monokey Cam-Side fitting system in die-cast aluminum and inserts in reinforced technopolymer. In order to fit the Monokey side-cases, it is necessary to replace the factory luggage racks with Givi side-case holders.  The quality seems every bit as good as the OEM racks!!

Installation was pretty straight forward.  I did need a T40 driver to remove the factory bolts, and 2 different size allen wrenches (not included) to install the new racks.  It would be nice to have one size for all of the hardware to reduce tools in the kit.

Each box also comes with its own key (2).  New key/core sets can be purchased for a reasonable price, and I'll probably do that before we head out so I don't have to carry 3...

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